It’s running season! Do you have the right shoe? There are so many different makes and models of running shoes out there, so how do you know which fit is right for you? Everyone’s feet are shaped differently, so it is very important to choose the right shoe for your foot. What may feel comfortable for one person may not be right for the next. Determining your foot type is essential in making sure that you will perform at your best and avoid injury while running.

What is my foot type?

When you are running, your foot first strikes the ground on the outside of your heel. This is called supination. In the next phase of running, your foot then rolls to the inside. This is called pronation. As your foot then comes off the ground, you roll out into supination once again. Most people tend to either put more of their weight on the inside or the outside of their feet when they run. More weight on the inside is called over-pronation, while more weight on the outside is called over-supination. Determining which of these categories you fall into is important in choosing the right shoe.

How to choose the right shoe?

After you know what foot type you have, you can choose a running shoe. In general, if you are an over-pronator, you should choose a shoe that has motion control and more stability and support. If your foot supinates when you run, a more flexible shoe with good cushioning is right for you. Based on your particular foot type, there are three other factors to consider when choosing your shoe: Its Shape, its Construction and its Midsole. Ask Dr. Ross about these factors during your running analysis.

How often should running shoes be replaced?

In general, running shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles depending on factors such as your weight, running surface and how your foot strikes the ground (are you a heel strike or mid strike runner?). Rotating different pairs of running shoes can help extend the life of each shoe. It is important to replace your running shoes so that you prevent injury.

How can I get fitted?

Make an appointment with Dr. Ross for a running analysis. Together with Dr. Monica Ross, our Physical Therapist, they will examine your foot type and can watch you run on a treadmill to determine what shoe is best for you. Call Ross Medical Group at (305) 279-7677 to make an appointment today!